Seed Physiologist

Seed Physiologist

(Full-time 37,5 hrs, location De Kwakel, Netherlands)

The function of Seed Physiologist is an integrated support role for Takii Europe’s Supply Chain and Sales department in the EMEA region. The Seed Physiologist will be part of Takii Europe’s Quality Assurance Department but operates with R&D and Sales in an operational and commercial context throughout the organization.


What you will be doing

The Seed Physiologist will play a central role in leading, participating and/or assisting in various projects across multiple domains:

  • Seed Physiology Research, undertaking comprehensive research into seed physiology and germination processes. You will delve into the intricacies of seed dormancy, maturation, and aging. The aim is to optimize seed quality through a thorough analysis and investigation.
  • Seed Pathology, taking an active role in diagnosing affected seeds, you will contribute to working groups and research projects. Stay up to date of new developments and opportunities in the field.
  • Seed Production Optimization, collaborating closely with breeding and production teams, you will work towards refining seed production methods. This involves the development and implementation of protocols aimed at enhancing both seed quality and yield.
  • Quality Control, involves establishing, maintaining, and periodically reviewing robust quality control procedures for seeds.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting, you will be tasked with collecting, analyzing, and effectively communicating data-driven insights and recommendations to internal teams and stakeholders.
  • Innovation and Technology, remaining updated on the latest advancements, identify opportunities for innovation and improvement in post-harvest processes.
  • Compliance and documentation, ensuring strict adherence to industry regulations and quality standards.

In summary, the Seed Physiologist will be at the forefront of driving excellence in seed physiology, pathology, production, and quality control, while also contributing to innovation and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

What we expect from you

You hold a university-level education in physiology, pathology, or plant sciences, coupled with demonstrated expertise in research and development within the field of seed physiology, preferably within the seed industry. Navigating databases, conducting analytics, and effectively presenting results pose no challenge for you. In your role as a project manager, you adeptly juggle multiple projects, adeptly establish priorities, and diligently oversee progress. Your communication skills shine as you effortlessly interact with individuals across various departments and hierarchical levels. Lastly, your proficiency in English and Dutch is impeccable.

What we do for you

Takii has gained a special reputation as a good employer. We do our utmost to create a beneficial working environment that meets the conditions for you to enjoy your job. After all, that works well for both you and Takii!

You will receive a salary that grows with you as you make your mark in the organisation. For most positions, overtime is either compensated or paid. When your job allows for it, you may work from home.

Takii naturally wants to maximise your talents. In our organisation there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow and develop yourself. And if you grow, you also get to blossom. We are always looking for future leaders and specialists at all levels in the company.

Introducing Takii

Takii is an ambitious and innovative company in vegetable and flower breeding. Takii exists to make the world a little happier. With our motto “creating tomorrow today” we consider it our mission to enrich people’s lives by breeding unique vegetable and flower varieties and producing and selling seeds.

Takii originally began as a Japanese family business. We are proud of its rich tradition. With independent branches worldwide, Takii is at home in every culture. Also in yours.

How we do things

Takii may be characterised as an intentionally flat organisation. This means that we are all available to one another, because only together can we reach our goal. Our people are team players for whom quality, respect, and reliability come naturally. Everyone at Takii takes their responsibility and shows initiative. We consider this very important because Takii wants to be an agile customer-oriented company.

Apply now!

Will you join our team to create tomorrow’s world today? We are looking for that one unique candidate and if that’s you, we would love to receive your application!

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Kim Boekraad, HR Specialist, via the ‘apply now’ button. If you have additional questions, you may contact Pascal Claes, Head of Supply Chain EMEA, 06-11596060 or email:

"In this role you need to build bridges between our seed improving activities and the growers using our seed"

Questions about the role and responsibilites? Please contact Head of Supply Chain EMEA

Pascal Claes